Python4Kids - 10 LIVE sessions - ONE on ONE with Trainer

  •  May 13, 2021, midnight to June 30, 2021, midnight

₹ 8850.00


The LIVE sessions will be taken on weekends or weekdays depending on the mutual agreement between student and the Trainer. Every time a session has been conducted by the Trainer and only if you attend , a credit point for 1 LIVE session is consumed. If for some reason there is no class, whenever a student attends 10 classes all 10 LIVE class credit points are consumed and the student has to renew for continued access to the course.

In  Python4kids - 10 LIVE sessions - Attend ONE on ONE , class will be held by Trainer exclusively for one student but it is available at a premium price. Usually students from different time zones from the Trainer prefer this. Also students who wish to have flexible timings can prefer this.

Additional Information

As long as you have enrolled to 10 LIVE sessions you will be given FREE access to Python content on our portal which is a ADDON service.


The pricing is in US dollars. 10 sessions is 10 X 10 $ = 100 $ . Payment may vary on the dollar price on a particular team. Please contact our team before you pay so that we make necessary price corrections.

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Prices are inclusive of 18% GST